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Seminar on Alternatives in Agriculture

UC Davis students: A group of students from several undergraduate majors and graduate programs are working with Student Farm Director Mark Van Horn to coordinate the annual seminar on alternatives in agriculture for the Winter 2011 quarter.

Round-table discussion: Harnessing Soil Biology in Agriculture

Please join us on Tuesday, October 4 for a round-table discussion with Nuffield Farming Scholar, Michael Inwood. 

Michael Inwood

Nuffield Farming Scholar

Sheep and rangeland farmer, Toulon

When: 2-3pm, Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where: 140 Robbins Hall, UC Davis

Free and open to the public


Organic vegetable production manual wins design award

We are always excited when we get the chance to share the work of our staff and faculty.  What excites us even more is when that work is more formally recognized for its quality. 

UC SAREP Program Coordinator, Jeri Ohmart and former SAREP employee David Chaney served as the publication coordinators for the recently released Organic Vegetable Production Manual published by UC Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR). 

Nitrogen Speaker Series: Prof. Alan Townsend

Dr. Alan Townsend from the University of Colorado will present a talk entitled "Is it limiting or not? Revisiting the tropical forest nitrogen cycle and its implications for human-driven environmental change."

WHEN: noon, Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WHERE: 2005 PES, on the UC Davis campus

New UCTV web series featuring the work of ASI

UCTV Prime, the YouTube channel for the University of California, is now airing a series of short videos in a series called The Future of Farming. The series was produced by UC Davis Director of campus communications Mitchel Benson with the help of several faculty and staff affiliated with ASI.

This four-part series examines the challenges of reforming our food production to meet the needs of a growing population, and demonstrates how UC Davis is leading the way in developing sustainable, high-tech agriculture practices and training the next generation of farmers.

New SAREP report on visioning food hubs in Yolo and Solano counties

Prepared by a team of UC Davis students for the Yolo Ag and Food Alliance, this report examines the plausibility of creating a food hub in Yolo and Solano Counties.  Researchers explored recent trends in food hubs across the country and conducted a food system assessment of the two counties.  The food system assessment tracks historical trends and data in Yolo and Solano Counties for five sector of the food system: production, processing, distribution, retail, and consumption.  By analyzing these sectors, the report provides a context to better understand the viability of a possible food hu

New SAREP article on Farm-to-Institution programs

Gail Feenstra of SAREP, Jeri Ohmart of SAREP/ASI and Shermain Hardesty of Agricultural Resource Economics at UC Davis are contributing authors on a recently published article in the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development.