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Training and Assistance Coordinator, Academic Coordinator II

Location HeadquartersKearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center 
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The University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) offers a unique recruitment opportunity for Training and Assistance Coordinator,Academic Coordinator II. The Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator (Academic Coordinator II) will support organic growers in California, offering research, technical assistance, and educational resources to address the identified critical needs of certified, transitioning, and aspiring organic growers across multiple scales of production and additional organic agricultural stakeholders consistent with the UC OAI Strategic Plan. This position will focus on enhancing organic agriculture adoption, aiding with production, post-harvest handling, and marketing of crops, livestock, and related products. This role will create diverse training opportunities for small to large-scale operations and historically underserved growers. Responsibilities include educating UC Cooperative Extension (UCCE) Farm Advisors and Specialists, as well as non-UC entities like grower organizations, non-profits and other technical assistance providers, on best management practices in organic certification, production and compliance, including the development of Organic System Plans (OSPs). This will take place primarily through field days, online workshops and direct consultation, as well as videos and written publications. The Coordinator will collaborate with and help facilitate the activities of the UC OAI’s California Organic Agriculture Knowledge Network (Cal OAK Network).

This position has a statewide responsibility for their scope of work, development and implementation of programming and projects while being locally contextual and meet the unique needs of organic agriculture stakeholders at a regional level when necessary and appropriate. The key stakeholders the Academic Coordinator is responsible to include organic growers, underserved and socially disadvantaged farmers, organic consultants and certifiers, UCCE personnel, non-profit partner technical assistance (TA) providers and advocacy organizations, as well as public agencies, regulators and policymakers.

Job Posting:

Closing Date: April 14, 2024 (open until filled).


Associate Director for Small Farms, Academic Coordinator III 

The University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) offers a unique recruitment opportunity for an Associate Director for Small Farms, University of California Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program (UC SAREP) Academic Coordinator III.  The UC SAREP Associate Director for Small Farms is responsible for directorship of the UC ANR Small Farms Network and statewide coordination of small farms applied research and extension activities, with guidance from the UC SAREP Director. The Associate Director for Small Farms will work in coordination with other Associate Directors and program leaders within UC SAREP, a statewide program within UC ANR that builds networks between researchers and practitioners, strengthens local efforts by providing relevant data and data analysis, creates tools for farmers and local food system practitioners, and conducts original research on issues that cut across disciplines and work with stakeholders.

Job Posting:

Closing Date: May 13, 2024 (open until filled).