Stakeholder Questions

Synthesized Questions


  • What are the relative contributions of different sectors to N cycling in California? What are the relative amounts of different forms of reactive nitrogen in air and water?
  • Are measurements of gaseous losses and water contamination accurate? Do they capture the “hot spots” and “hot moments”?

Management Practices

  • What are the current N rate recommendations?  Are current nitrogen application recommendations adequate for present-day cropping conditions?
  • How is nitrogen use efficiency determined and what are the most efficient and inefficient production systems?
  • Are there current management practices that would increase N use efficiency?  What are the “BMP”s for reducing N pollution and increasing efficiency?
  • Are there tradeoffs between reduced N application and other cropping considerations?  Will deviating from current N applications (e.g., form, rate, timing) affect product quality, increase pest pressure, etc?
  • From a systems perspective, where are the control points for better management of N?


  • To what extent would policies designed to reflect the public health and environmental costs of nitrogen pollution affect food prices and farm revenues?
  • How can policies account for the trade-offs between costs and benefits of N use?
  • How might policy be used more effectively to both monitor and address non-point source ag pollution?
  • What are the hurdles to having a coordinated and cohesive N policy across regulatory jurisdictions?


  • What is the state of knowledge on how nitrogen influences air and water quality and impacts human health?


  • How do we communicate the complexity of the nitrogen cycle and nitrogen-related problems to the public?
  • What N outreach tools can be created to aid decision making at the field and policy level and educate the public?