Stakeholder Participation

Key stakeholder engagement activities include:


  • From 2009-2011, used multiple avenues -- stakeholder forums, farm visits, growers consultations, and industry field trips -- to engage with more than 350 stakeholders across 50 organizations.  See the list of stakeholders who have been engaged in the assessment. 
  • Outreach events generated more than 100 nitrogen-related questions and provided data, practical examples, and management options to guide the assessment.  View the full list of questions, and a question tree we use as a reference throughout our work on the assessment.
  • Collaboration with stakeholders to create four 'scenarios' on the future of nitrogen management in California agriculture. 
  • A 30-member Stakeholder Advisory Committee provides feedback and acts as liaison between the CNA and members' constituencies. 
  • An eight-member multidisciplinary faculty workgroup on nitrogen science and agriculture conducts complementary research.

The assessment has also created a Stakeholder Advisory Committee to represent a wide range of stakeholder perspectives.

Stakeholder Consultations

As part of our work we have visited groups of growers, farm advisors, government agencies and environmental and health groups around California. The map above shows the various locations that we have visited.