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Position Title
Statewide Agritourism Coordinator

2801 Second Street , Davis CA 95618-7779
Penny Leff is a small farm supporter and advocate. She has been statewide Agritourism Coordinator with University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) since 2009, first as part of the Small Farm Program and currently as part of the UC SAREP Food and Society Program. In this position, Leff works with UCCE academics and staff to develop resources and connections for farmers, ranchers, and everyone involved in California agritourism. She maintains the UC Agritourism Directory and Calendar, organizes agritourism workshops, summits, webinars and classes throughout California, and participates in research projects relating to agritourism development. She also works with producer associations and communities on developing collaborative agritourism development and marketing. Leff has more than 20 years’ experience working with small and mid-scale farmers, including 8 years as Program Manager for the Berkeley Farmers’ Markets and several years working with farmers’ market managers around the state to set up systems for EBT SNAP access at farmers’ markets.