Krista Marshall

Position Title
Policy and Partnership Academic Coordinator - Small Farms Network/Organic Agriculture Institute


Krista is passionate about building agricultural models that center dignified livelihoods, advance food sovereignty, promote regional food systems, and enable farmers to be ecological stewards of working lands. Prior to joining UC ANR, Krista worked on-farm to study the relationships between Agroecological design and management principles, soil health, and soil ecosystem functional outcomes during graduate school at the University of California, Davis. For two and half years, while living in Sacramento, Krista helped manage a mutual aid urban farm program that connected asylum-seeking community members to culturally appropriate foods. Through this work, she participated in city-level policy and coalition building around urban food systems and learned a range of knowledge from community members about small-scale farm design and management. In addition to her personal and professional interests in advancing a more sovereign food system, she is passionate about fiber arts and regional textile productions.