Food Hub Organic Mentorship Program

Program to support small-scale handlers and aggregator/distributors (food hubs)

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Facilitated by the California Food Hub Network at UC Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program (SAREP) and the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) Foundation

TOPP Transitioning Producer Mentee Qualifications:

To become a food hub mentee and be connected to an Organic Mentor through the USDA Transition to Organic Partnership Program, a transitioning food hub operator must own or be employed by an existing food hub. Ideally, a mentee also has a minimum of two years of owning/operating, and/or equivalent experience, and are:

  • Planning to transition an existing food hub to organic,
  • In the process of transitioning a food hub to organic, 
  • Adding new scopes of organic certification,
  • And/or starting a new certified organic operation.

Transitioning Food Hub Mentee expectations:

  • Intend to become certified organic.
  • Have ability to fulfill the time commitment of mentorship including communication, travel, site-visit.
  • Have reliable access to a means of attending site-visits.
  • Have access to appropriate technology for communication. Communication Plan and modes of communication are determined between mentor and mentee.

In the mentorship year, mentees will:

  • Commit to between 40 hours per yearly program cycle (12 months)
  • 10 hours individual mentorship, including site visits (optional)
  • Create Mentor/Mentee agreement to support the structure of experience.
    • Includes Communication Plan - Expected modes of communication include video, telephone, text, email, video communications and in-person meetings.
    • Self-certification of intent to develop an Organic System Plan.
  • Communicate in a timely and consistent manner with mentees and program staff.
  • Participate in mid-year and year-end mentorship evaluations.
  • Receive a $500 travel & education stipend.

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