Our Location

We are located at the UC Agriculture & Natural Resources offices in Davis, CA:
2801 Second Street
Davis, CA 95618-7774


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General & Media Inquiries

Contact Laura Crothers at lrcrothers [at] ucanr.edu

Farmers looking for assistance

The best place to learn about local assistance resources or to contact a local Farm Advisor is through your county's UC Cooperative Extension office.

Gardeners looking for assistance


The best place to find assistance on garden-related questions is through your local Master Gardener program.

Interested in UC SAREP's participation in an event?


We determine participation in events on a case by case basis, and have limited capacity to host booths or activities at local events.

Interested in supporting UC SAREP?

  • Contact Director Gail Feenstra at gwfeenstra [at] ucanr.edu