How to join the SA&FS major

For freshman applicants:

The SA&FS major will be open to enrollment for freshman as of the Fall 2011 application cycle, in other words, for students who will arrive on campus Fall 2012.  Please contact undergraduate admissions for more information or visit their website.  

For current UC Davis students:

When you are ready to speak with an academic counselor about enrolling in SA&FS, please contact Galyna Erdman at (530)-752-2244 or  Galyna will help you prepared a study plan and complete the change of major form needed to enroll.

In preparation for your advising session, you'll need to review the course catalog for descriptions of all the courses required for the major, especially when the requirement can be fulfilled with one of several options.  All SA&FS majors take a set of core courses in addition to pursuing one of three unique tracks.  The requirements for each track are outlined in the major description found in our General Catalog.  

For students transferring to UC Davis:

If you have already applied and been accepted to UC Davis under a different major, you may change majors during your second quarter of enrollment here.  At that point, please follow the process outlined for current UC Davis students (see above).  

If you are applying to transfer admission as of Fall 2011, you may declare SA&FS as your major as a part of your original application.  Please contact undergraduate admissions for information on applying as a transfer student or visit their website.  

*If you are a California Community College student, there's a great tool that can help ensure that you are taking classes that will count towards your major at UC Davis.  Visit and make a plan today.  

**Very important:  If you are a student hoping to transfer from an institution that is not a California public institution of higher learning (UC, CSU, or Community College), please keep copies of your syllabi for all courses you hope to count towards the major requirements for SA&FS.  Without course descriptions or syllabi, we cannot guarantee that we'll accept these courses as fulfilling the requirements of this major, even though you may have received transfer credit for them.