Agriculture, Resources and Environment

Integration of agricultural systems at the farm/ranch and landscape levels

Initiatives and projects:

lettuce field

Energy and Climate Footprinting for Food Production and Supply Chains

Life Cycle Assessment
Nitrogen testing

Sustainable Management of Nutrients and Water in Agricultural Landscapes


Responding to Climate Change

More information about projects related to drought, climate variability and other climate change adaptations and mitigations will be made available as they move forward.


Closing the Loop: Integrating Sustainable Waste Management in Agriculture

Information about research regarding recycling urban, rural and industrial waste into agricultural systems will be shared here as projects progress.


Harnessing Ecosystem Services to Increase Agricultural Sustainability


More information about research related to the conservation and expansion of on-farm biodiversity will be made available as they move forward.

Other on-going and past projects:

Alternatives to Methyl Bromide

organicField.jpg In 1999, SAREP launched a specialized grants program targeting alternatives to methyl bromide. SAREP supported six biologically based projects aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of several alternatives to methyl bromide within California farming system.

Biologically Integrated Farming Systems (BIFS)

Cotton.jpg Biologically Integrated Farming Systems, a program to help growers enhance environmental quality while maintaining yields and profits, concluded its last project in 2010. BIFS projects used on-farm demonstrations and a collaborative model of outreach and extension involving public-private partnerships.

Organic Farming Research and Information

OrganicAppleBinGranny.jpg The market for organic products is expanding rapidly. This section provides links to key resources for organic farmers and ranchers and for other agricultural professionals working in this area.