Agriculture Marketing Studies

Our Agriculture marketing studies examines how specific counties or regions are responding to global economic and social trends by developing strategies that support more local or regional food systems. Their innovations include new marketing approaches, place-based labeling programs, development of specialty products and value-added product lines, agricultural tourism, farmers market and you-pick sales, and partnerships with Slow Food and other consumer organizations.  Reports showcase the initiatives of innovative producers, processors, consumers and community businesses to sustain their own local food systems. 

Statewide (CA)

Regional Agricultural Marketing: A Review of Programs in California

Yolo County

An Evaluation of the Capay Valley Grown Campaign

Placer County

Assessing the Local Marketing Potential for Mandarin Growers in Placer County

Hoshigaki: Preserving the Art of Japanese Hand-dried Persimmons

Stanislaus County

Innovative Responses to Trends in Stanislaus County's Food System