K-12 garden and farm education


Welcome to the School Gardening Program at the Student Farm!  This program, formerly known as the Children's Garden Program, began more than 20 years ago as a small student-initiated project and since then has evolved into a flourishing environmental education resource popular with teachers and students.  We serve elementary students and older youth through experiential field trips to our site, and we work with teachers, parent volunteers, and the general public through hands-on workshops and resource development.

School gardening program

Workshops for educators

We offer workshops for both professional and nonprofessional educators, including parent volunteers, administrators, Cooperative Extension personnel and others.  In the workshops, we provide hands-on training and resources for establishing successful school gardens, using garden environments for effective teaching, enhancing the connections between gardens and good nutrition, and reinforcing the role of agriculture in our food system. 


Over the years, we have developed a variety of resources,  educational training materials and activities for school gardens.  In addition, we maintain a library of garden-based education and teaching materials, children’s literature and gardening information.  The library is available to UC Davis students and the public.

Garden  and Farm Field Trips

Each spring, school children visit the Kids in the Garden program at the Ecological Garden.  Here they experience garden and farm ecology first-hand through harvesting crops and tasting fresh produce, feeding chickens and examining compost worms, and exploring nature.  Older students can become more actively involved in agricultural production by helping to plant or harvest at the Student Farm.

Internships for UC Davis students

UC Davis students can earn credit as Kids in the Garden Tour Leaders through an internship program that is both fun and educational.

Tours for youth at the farm

We provide a limited number of field trips throughout the year for junior high and high school ages.  These generally focus on food systems concepts, farm ecology, and related topics in agriculture.  These are arranged and led by UC Davis students, graduate students or staff.  We take requests for these field trips on an ongoing basis and fill them as possible dependent upon timing and availability.  For more information or to request a tour, contact Carol Hillhouse.

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