Methyl Bromide Projects Funded by SAREP

UC Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program

1999 Methyl Bromide Research Projects

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Project Title
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Pre or Post Harvest
County Crop(s) Total Project Funding
Brown, Greg
USDA-ARS Cultural Control and Etiology of Replant Disorder of Prunus spp.
PRE Fresno, Madera, Tulare, Kern
Almond, peach and some grape
Duniway, John
UCD Plant Pathology
Microbiological Improvement of Root Health, Growth, and Yield of Strawberry
PRE S.C., S.B., Ventura, Orange & Yolo
Strawberry $130,658
Ferris, Howard
UCD Nematology
Development of Grape Rootstocks with Multiple Nematode Resistance
PRE Yolo
Grape $110,818
Larson, Kirk
UCD Pomology - SOuth Coast R.E.C.
Containerized Strawberry Transplants as a Replacement for Methyl Bromide Soil Fumigation in California Strawberry Nurseries
PRE Orange, San Joaquin, S.C., Siskiyou, Solano Strawberry $118,766
MacDonald, James
UCD Plant Pathology
Alternatives to Methyl Bromide for Control of Soil-borne Fungi, Bacteria and Weeds in Coastal Ornamental Crops
PRE Santa Cruz
Ornamentals $83,851
Mitcham, Elizabeth
UCD Pomology
Acetaldehyde and Carbon Dioxide Fumigation for Postharvest Control of Insects on Strawberry Fruit
Strawberry $83,585
Bull, Carolee
BASIS (Biological Agriculture Systems in Strawberries): A biointensive production methods innovators group in the Monterey Bay region *
PRE  Monterey, Santa Cruz Strawberry $198,000

Total Funding: $891,380

* Project also receives funding as a UC SAREP BIFS project.
** Budgets include 10% indirect overhead.

A full description of each funded project can be seen in the Summer 1999 issue of our Sustainable Agriculture newsletter.