1999 Graduate Student Awards

(5 projects; $10,000)

Chris Campbell, "Characterizing Solute Transport in Sloping Soils Using In Situ Measurements Transfer Function Modeling," $2,000. Department of Environmental Science Policy and Management, UC Berkeley. (510) 643-5142, ccampbel@nature.berkeley.edu

Julie Guthman, "Organic Regulation: Codifying Meaning, Structuring Opportunity," $2,000. Department of Geography, UC Berkeley. (510)549-2297, jguthman@uclink4.berkeley.edu

Alison Eagle, "Nutrient Supply Power of Rice Soils Under Alternative Rice Straw Management Practices," $2,000. International Agricultural Development (Department of Agronomy and Range Science), UC Davis. (530) 754-7537, ajeagle@ucdavis.edu

Donald Lotter, "Tests of Induced Resistance in Grapevine," $2,000. Department of Entomology (Graduate Group in Ecology), UC Davis.dwlotter@dcn.davis.ca.us

Benjamin Shouse, "The Place of Microbial Grazers in Reduced-Input Agriculture," $2,000. Department of Nematology (Graduate Group in Ecology), UC Davis. (530) 752-2124, bnshouse@ucdavis.edu