Kate Scow is Deputy-Director of the Agricultural Sustainability Institute, Director of the Russell Ranch Sustainable Agriculture Facility, and professor in the Land, Air, Water Resources (LAWR) Department. For 20 years, Scow has conducted research focused on the role of soil microorganisms in carbon and nitrogen cycling, decomposition of organic matter, and biodegradation of pesticides and organic pollutants.

Kate Scow

Israel Herrera is the facilities manager for the Russell Ranch Sustainable Agriculture Facility. Israel manages the the crop production, field and facility maintenance, personnel and safety program at Russell Ranch. He has contributed to every aspect of Russell Ranch for 15 years.

Israel Herrera

Martin Burger is the research manager at the Russell Ranch Sustainable Agriculture Facility. Martin conducts research on soil fertility, plant mineral nutrition, greenhouse gas emissions in cropping systems, and water quality in irrigated agriculture. He is working with an interdisciplinary group of principal investigators, farmers, farm advisors, and graduate and undergraduate students.

Martin Burger


Emma Torbert is a post-graduate fellow working for the Agricultural Sustainability Institute on Russell Ranch. She is working on the Russell Ranch database, website, publications and outreach, long-term vision and systems adaptation, and manages the Russell Ranch student internship program.

Emma Torbert

We also have many students working with us; read about their involvement here.