Sustainable Sourcing of Global Agricultural Raw Materials


Increasingly, consumers and businesses are interested in goods that are produced in a way that takes into account the consequences of their production and seek to benefit agricultural suppliers and buyers equitably. 

With the support of Mars Incorporated, the Agricultural Sustainability Institute at UC Davis has partnered with the Information Center for the Environment to assess the best ways to indicate the sustainability of sourcing practices, looking from global- to field-level concerns. 

We are creating a Sustainable Sourcing Platform—a set of online tools semantically linked to harness the extensive and disparate data about agricultural sourcing and create opportunities to explore ways to measure and accelerate progress toward sustainable sourcing.  

Main project graphic

Through the Sustainable Sourcing Platform, food manufacturing companies, organizations involved in global supply chains, researchers and interested consumers can better understand which issues are most relevant to sourcing practices and how those issues can best be measured.  Indicators will be linked with accurate and useful data so users can establish their sustainability priorities and build strategies to sustainably source agricultural commodities.

Users will be able to follow a step-by-step process to determine issues, indicators, and measurement tools that will help develop sourcing strategies, or can explore individual components of the platform to assess current strategies or conceptualize tradeoffs between different approaches to sustainable sourcing.

The Sustainable Sourcing Platform is currently in development.  Learn about individual tools of the platform under development and read our project synopsis, updated November 2013.

Learn more about our stakeholder involvement from our stakeholder meeting report and information technology meeting report.