Food and Society

Integration of the food system, linking production, distribution and consumption


Building Sustainable Community Food Systems


A sustainable community food system is a collaborative network that integrates sustainable food production, processing, distribution, consumption and waste management in order to enhance the environmental, economic and social health of a particular place.



        Building Regional Markets and Communities


         UC SAREP links farmers to communities to help increase the viability of regional food systems. We partner with communities to assess the effectiveness of local food programs, and help farmers increase their success through access to markets and communities in search of fresh, local food. 


        Farm to school

        Farm to Institution

        Agriculture marketing studies

        Urban Agriculture

        Food hubs and values-based supply chains


          Food system assessments and food policy

          food system assessment imageThrough food system assessments, communities can examine the connections between production, distribution, consumption and waste disposal and measure their impacts on the environment, human health and livelihoods through a set of indicators over time. Understanding the trends and relationships between elements within the food system ultimately assists community members and policy makers in pinpointing areas of concern and working for appropriate and equitable reforms. SAREP has conducted several food system assessments with the goal of examining the overall viability of a county's food system and in so doing, identifying key steps necessary to strengthen the foundation for a thriving local food system.

          Community food security for low-income residents

          Note: Also browse food system assessments for sections on food security.

          Farmworker, food system worker and rural community well-being 

          farmworkers image

           The estimated one million agricultural workers and accompanying family members play an integral role in the success of California’s agricultural sector and the food system as a whole. Despite their vital contributions, California farmworkers face numerous challenges, with negative impacts on workers, families, agricultural communities and the food system as a whole. In order to identify research and outreach opportunities that are directly aligned with the needs of stakeholders, SAREP commissioned research to identify the key issues facing agricultural workers in California and opportunities for research and outreach to promote improved farmworker conditions.