Stakeholder List

Who We're Working With

The California Nitrogen Assessment team is committed to hearing from and working with a diverse group of stakeholders who have interests related to nitrogen application and impacts in California. These include commodity groups, individual farms, environmental groups, government agencies, health organizations, and researchers.

The Assessment hosts an independent scientific review process and will seek public feedback in an open stakeholder review process in 2013. If you are an individual or group with information on or experience with nitrogen use or impacts and would like to be part of our stakeholder review process, please contact us.

Groups we have contacted

(alphabetical list)

Groups with an asterisk (*) are represented on our Stakeholder Advisory Committee.

Commodity Groups

Environmental Organizations

Farms, Ranches, Nurseries and Vineyards

Farm-Related Organizations

Fertilizer Industry Groups

Government Agencies & Organizations

Health Organizations

Other Non-Profit Organizations

Research Organizations

  • California Water Institute *
  • The John Muir Institute at UC Davis
  • The Kearney Foundation of Soil Science
  • The University of California Agricultural Issues Center
  • Washington State University, Vancouver