Mass Balance Tables

The two tables display preliminary calculations of N inputs and exports in California.

Table 1: Inputs of N into California

Table 1: Inputs

Table 2: Exports of N from California

Table 2: Exports

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 **Headings in bold are the sums of the indented subcategories below, with the exception of N deposition.  The value of 223 tons of N is based on the results of the CMAQ model and the values for NOx and NHx below are from ARB emission data. The new reactive N in deposition should only come from sources outside of California (i.e. transport across the Pacific Ocean) or fossil fuel combustion in California.  Some component of deposition, especially NHx, represents internal N cycling within California, e.g. redeposition of ammonia volatilization from livestock manure.  At present, however, the modeled estimate of total N deposition is lower the estimated fossil fuel emissions.

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