Bradford Rominger Agricultural Sustainability Leadership Award Ceremony

Apr 15 from 05:00 PM to 06:30 PM
Beuhler Alumni and Visitor center, UC Davis

Every year the Agricultural Sustainability Institute honors a member of the UC community who epitomizes the qualities of two great figures in California agriculture -- livestock geneticist Eric Bradford and sustainable farmer Charlie Rominger.

The annual award ceremony features a talk from our award winner, as well as keynote speaker from outside the University meant to spark conversations on how our thinking can continue to evolve about sustainable agriculture and food systems.

Please join us for this year's award ceremony and keynote talk buy renowned food activist LaDonna Redmond. Redmond is a food justice activist who works for a fairer food system in her Chicago community and nationally.  She is the founder of the Campaign for Food Justice Now, an organization that focuses on social justice within the food system, seeking community-based solution that promote social change and engaged advocacy.  Named a Responsibility Pioneer in 2009 by Time Magazine, Redmond was also awarded the Green for All Fellowship in 2007. She also was a 2003-2005 IATP Food and Society Fellow. In 2011, she became a Senior Program Associate in Food and Justice at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP).

Learn more about the Bradford Rominger Award here.

Bradford Rominger 2014 poster