Gene Kahn


Global Sustainability Officer, General Mills, Inc

Gene Kahn currently serves as Vice President and Global Sustainability Officer for General Mills, a leading global manufacturer and marketer of consumer foods products based in Minneapolis, MN. Kahn is an organic foods pioneer who founded Cascadian Farm in 1972 and Small Planet Foods in 1997.

After General Mills acquired both companies in 2000, Kahn spent the next three years overseeing their integration into the General Mills family of brands. Then, in 2003, Kahn was named Vice President of Sustainable Development for General Mills. His charge was to bring sustainable agriculture and corporate social responsibility to the larger General Mills organization.

Kahn helped develop one of the first pictures of the U.S. food industry's environmental footprint, and is an internationally recognized expert on sustainable agriculture and corporate social responsibility. In June 2007, Kahn was named Global Sustainability Officer for General Mills and given oversight over many of our international sustainability initiatives, including one to promote agricultural and rural development in Malawi and Tanzania. He is a founding member of the USDA National Organic Standards Board and was instrumental in establishing the Washington State Organic Standard Program.

Kahn serves in leadership positions in many organizations focused on Sustainable Development. These include: Keystone Sustainable Agriculture Initiative, Sustainable Food Lab, and the American National Standards Sustainability Committee. Additionally, Gene serves as Chair of FMI's Sustainability Supplier Task Force as well as the GMA Sustainability Leadership Committee.

Kahn currently resides on his farm on Whidbey Island, WA, Coupeville, and maintains his office at General Mills headquarters in Minneapolis.