Gail Feenstra



Food Systems Analyst, SAREP, ASI

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Gail Feenstra is the Food Systems Analyst at the University of California Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (SAREP) and the Agricultural Sustainability Institute (ASI), based in Davis, California. Feenstra coordinates SAREP's Food Systems Program which encourages sustainable community development and local food systems that link farmers, consumers and communities. Feenstra's research and education efforts include: direct marketing, farm-to-school and farm-to-institution evaluation, regional food system distribution models, food systems indicators, urban agriculture, food security, food policy, food system assessments and most recently, carbon footprint analysis in the food system.

Her professional background is in nutrition. She is a registered dietitian and has worked in low-income communities in Boston and New York as a WIC/community nutritionist. Feenstra has a doctorate in nutrition education from Teachers College, Columbia University with an emphasis in public health. Since coming back to California, she has enjoyed integrating her nutrition expertise with her experience in sustainable agriculture and food systems at the University of California.

In addition to her work at UC SAREP/ASI, she is an associate editor of Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems (formerly American Journal of Alternative Agriculture), a Kellogg fellow from participation in the Salzburg Seminar: "Achieving Food Security Through Community-based Food Systems," Salzburg, Austria, (2002), and a past president of the Agriculture, Food and Human Values Society (2000-2001). Her career has been dedicated to integrating human, environmental and community health through sustainable food systems.